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Daniëlle de Winter started DBMresearch out of the conviction that we can do much more with our potential if we would invest in knowing more about what matters most. Knowing more about what is going on in the world, about what we are actually doing ourselves, and what others have been doing relevant to our work.

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Know more about

what matters most

It is important to understand the context you are working in. Your organization should be aware of the issues determining the debate: whether it is grasping different perspectives to the Business & Human Rights discussion or understanding how local perspectives relate to your key strategies and Theory of Change. Knowing more about the discussions that matter wil allow your organization to work more attuned to the reality in the field, to position itself more firmly in the sector, and to strengthen the effectiveness of your approaches.


DBMresearch does not encourage organizations to follow short-lived trends and hypes, but rather supports your organization to know where you stand and enables you to formulate, strategize and implement the envisioned change firmly within such ever-changing contexts. 


Has your organization gathered relevant and sufficient evidence along the way that can prove that your KPIs and goals are being met? Better yet, have you spent sufficient time and energy in determining what you need to know to deliver that evidence-base? 


DBMresearch believes that organizations should work on exploring what knowledge and learnings exists within and beyond the organization, and how such knowledge could be collected, translated and possibly shared. It all starts with having a strong framework in place (PMEL) that can guide the process. But, properly collecting and interpreting evidence is just as key. Together, your organization can strengthen its knowledge base and increase the effectiveness of your activities. We can help you to translate data, information and scattered evidence into clear, to-the-point formats that can help grow your organization's strategy and outlook.

Know more about

what's happening

Know more about ​

what should be happening

Why is your organization doing what it's doing? Are the assumptions underlying the so-called Theory of Change still valid? What strategy will meet HQ priorities as well as that of your partners? How have you dealt with ensuring that all (relevant) departments are represented in the (new) course of action?  


DBMresearch has seen first hand that assumptions can be dangerous when taken for granted. They can lead us to make choices that might not achieve the desired outcomes, or... can even lead to negative, unintended effects for the people or sector that we want to serve. On top of that, our energy and capacity is too precious to be re-inventing the wheel all over again, when your colleague or affiliate might already know the wheel should sometimes actually be squared, not round. DBMresearch brings together these different perspectives, evidence-bases and experiences and can help your organization to translate these into logical, structured and to-the-point strategies. 

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