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  • scoping studies

  • needs assessment

  • exploratory field visits

  • evaluations

  • PMEL support

Research strategic areas of interest and think ahead


​DBMresearch provides high quality research services, offering a range of qualitative and quantitative methods (interviews, large n-sample surveys, focus groups, literature study, participatory observation) in your pursuit to learn more about your areas of interests. Depending on your preferences, research can be conducted in the field or can be desk-based, or we can provide a combination of approaches.

  • synthesis studies

  • discussion papers & policy briefs

  • podcasts

  • video

  • webinars

  • animations

Analyse relevant hot debates and grow your potential​


​DBMresearch ensures to keep track of current literature, debates, blogs and news on relevant topics in the field (e.g. business & human rights, PMEL, and gender). At DBMresearch, we are able to rapidly make short analyses, build on knowledge from theory and practice, that can be translated to reports or briefings (in person and/or documented) for the client that is accessible, understandable and hitting the mark.

  • knowledge brokering services

  • programme & ToC development

  • strategic management advice

Align complex theory with practice and save energy


Combining academic sources with practitioners' input is one of the core strengths of DBMresearch. We help you to share relevant experiences with your partners and to distill key learning points drawn from each others' practice. Through engaging and interactive facilitation of workshops and trainings, DBMresearch can help you to 'connect the dots' together with your (global) teams.

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